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      AdVocab®  increases vocabulary while improving spelling, focusing, and visual skills. Utilizing 20 different computer programs, the 131 lessons are based on thousands of multi-syllable words not taught in Expressways To Reading®. Words are disassembled and reassembled giving root spellings and definitions and unlocking 1000's of partner words in the process. It is a learning system which disciplines the mind to think while combining meanings with word forms, often using game formats.

      AdVocab®  is generally used with teens and adults and is expected to help increase SAT and ACT scores measurably. If a higher vocabulary and word knowledge correspond to higher incomes and better personal relationships, then AdVocab®  should be every serious learner's companion.

AdVocab Teaches....

-Combining Forms


-Compound Words







-Number Words

-Regular Multi-Syllable Words


-Scientific and Technical Terms

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