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A boy who had to repeat third grade was brought by his mother to a TN center because of his dislike and avoidance of reading.  After 30 daily sessions of one hour each, his parents reported, "He is reading on his own" much to the delight of his parents.

A father in California came and asked if he could also take the Expressways To Reading® program.  His child who was in special education had made such progress in 6 weeks, he wanted to benefit from the program also.  He said he has always been dyslexic and had so many books he wanted to read.

A principal from a private school in American Samoa wrote, "The school is doing great... We have 717 students this year from K-3 through high school. I can't begin to express how much Expressways To Reading® is making a difference here on this campus with our students and staff. Thank you! Thank you!

Mary was a 41 year-old adult. She has spent the greater part of her life in schools where they tried everything they could find to help her overcome dyslexia, ADHD, and various other learning disabilities. In August, she tested with on average 5th & 6th grade skill level in spelling, reading, and comprehension areas. Her vocabulary was low. She spent twenty hours each week studying Expressways To Reading® only. When retested after finishing Lesson 190 at the end of November, she tested in the 11th grade range in everything.

A 53-year-old in Tennessee could not read a single word before beginning in Expressways To Reading®. He quickly began to read entire sentences. His handwriting also improved.

Sarah began the Expressways program in July 2006 with 2nd-grade levels in all of her work. In April 2007, her school found she tested at nearly 6th grade level in everything.

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