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Expressways To Reading®

      Expressways To Reading®  is what its name implies: a quick way to learn the vast array of skills required to communicate in English. Schools, agencies, industry, and learning centers using Expressways To Reading®  report student achievement increases rapidly with lasting retention in the full spectrum of language arts: reading, spelling, handwriting and comprehension. It is a comprehensive system of 340 lessons extending from beginning to advanced reading. Students begin where they can immediately achieve success and continue until their goals are reached, usually in an amazingly short time. Each lesson may involve more than 20 different activities all of which are integrated and sequential.


Quick and Comprehensive

Benefits of A-Vip

      The brain is actually retrained to remember what is seen, heard, and spoken. The vital information is processed and directed into long-term memory. Learning is easy with Auditory-Visual Impression Pairing (A-VIP), an innovative approach developed by Dr. Hoes. Unlike tutoring, the changes often affect other areas of learning and living and continue after the student completes Expressways! Students train approximately 4-5 hours per week with no homework. Teacher training, servicing and technical support are provided with the lease. Teachers find it easy and rewarding to implement, requiring almost no preparation.


     Attention is given to comprehension through vocabulary building, the taking of dictation, and proofreading. The practical objective of Expressways To Reading® is that the learner shall be able to read and comprehend any printed material appropriate to his/her level.

Practical Objective . . .

Provides . . .

    -Instruction in reading, writing, speaking  spelling, comprehension, advanced vocabulary, and increased speed of reading


    -Skill-building at the neurological level, not just tutoring


    -Phonological awareness


    -Many integrated programs which are easily adapted to meet individual needs


    -Criterion tests to measure proficiency


    -A-VIP (Auditory-Visual Impression Pairing) technique to ensure mastery


-All ages


 -Learning Disabilities


-Attention Deficit Disorders




-English as a second language


-Basic skills


-Learning frustration


 -Poor self-image


-Acceleration at all levels

Self  Help  for :

Neurological Remediation and Acceleration In :









-Listening Skills





Innovation in Education

      Developing language skills at the neurological level makes achievement and retention possible in a fraction of the time normally required of students using more conventional approaches. Expressways To Reading®  has been acclaimed as one of the most innovative and exciting learning systems in education today! In fact, after seeing the results himself, a well-known Florida educator declared Expressways, "The best reading program in the world!"


For the advanced reader there is QuikComp®  which applies some of these same learning techniques plus additional ones, to further increase comprehension, vocabulary and reading speed. For the very young student there is Basics Express®, a readiness program to increase visual and auditory memory.

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