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      QuikComp®  includes 155 lessons offering 253 stories or topics. Its purpose is to develop comprehension through vocabulary study and the silent reading of graded text, teaching how to find and remember facts, main ideas, and to draw conclusions. Text to increase reading rate begins with a few short sentences, followed by paragraphs, then chapters, and finally stories of increasing length and complexity.

The Six Sections Present

-Specific Skills


-Born to Make Pictures (a collection of autobiographical anecdotes by Coy Watson, Jr., the first child star in silent movies)

-Technical Documents

-Articles and Short Stories

-Math Problems stated in Words

Increases Reading Rate

      The computer delivers text at rates ranging from 120 to 2400 words per minute. At various intervals questions interrupt the text flow to test for comprehension, or the text may be read without questions. Most questions come at the end of the reading selection. The suggested goal of such training is to read at least 400 words per minute and maintain comprehension of 90% or better. Remarkable progress has been demonstrated in field tests, where most achieved their goals in as little as 25 one-hour sessions. 

Increases Comprehension 

and Vocabulary

      Readers should have approximately a fifth or sixth-grade reading level to begin QuikComp®. The vocabulary to be encountered in the text of any lesson may be studied through four supporting programs so that the meaning associated with each word can be instantly recalled. The system is graduated to increase speed and comprehension to the college level.  It is available for lease to schools, learning centers, agencies, and through our distance learning consultants.

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