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Behind the Scenes

Lorinda and Barry James

Pierce, AZ

      Lorinda and Barry James continue to carry on what Dr. Hoes poured his talent, time, energy, resources and dedication into for nearly 40 years.  They are constantly involved in researching the latest technology and upgrading, developing, and improving the ETL systems.  Barry constructed custom houses in California, sold the real estate, and financed those who could not secure loans.  He has had a number of successful businesses.  For seven years he was a wild lands fire-fighter, supervising a hundred firefighters.  He started with computer programming when the computers took an entire huge room.  He developed some excellent childrens’ computer programs and games and even secured a home school license from the University of Arizona. to home school his children.  He became more interested in serving the technical aspects of computer hardware then programming.  He developed a vision for ETL when Dr. Hoes employed him over 12 years ago being convinced Barry was to succeed him.


He has been involved in business decisions as well as details such as designing and reproducing our CDs and DVDs, the expanded Speed-Spell and supervising all aspects of our office and systems.  He is innovative and ingenious,  recently designing a solar hot-water heater, installing wind generators at a fraction of the usual cost, developed a system for monitoring our solar panels from his office for the building’s electricity, optimizing storage of solar power for our batteries so it isn’t wasted during top solar periods of the day and then switching to the batteries at the right time to prevent electricity on the grid.  It has cut our electricity bills markedly  We are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible, so we can continue to serve our clients in unexpected eventualities...

     Vince Hagerlin who was written up in a recent newsletter is another outstanding addition to our company.  In addition to his computer skills, he has another unusual skill and company with his brother in which they do steel detailing.  They are given blue prints for large additions or new construction for which they make precise, detailed plans for all the steel required in the building, usually under the pressure of a time limit.

Vince Hagerlin

Pierce, AZ

Jackie Schaa

Elfrida, AZ

      Jackie Schaa has worked in the ETL office in Arizona for nearly six years.  She does the bookkeeping and many other projects.  She has a BA in Cross Cultural Studies.  Jackie with her husband, Jeff, and 3 boys lived and worked in West Africa for more than 15 years with New Tribes Mission. Currently her husband works with NTM Aviation in McNeal and Jackie holds down several jobs to supplement their income.  These jobs include working for a concert artist/speaker by maintaining his website schedule as well as general business duties. Jackie is also certified and works as a Group Exercise Instructor.  She teaches aerobic/weight training, chair class for seniors, Yoga and Zumba.  She also loves to bike with her husband and sneak in a few runs each week.

Linda Porter

Pierce, AZ

      Linda Porter has also worked in the ETL Arizona office for more than six years.  She manages our duplication, binding, and organizing or our printed materials, proofing, and generally helping wherever needed.  She has an engineering degree which took her to many places in Europe and South America.  She and her sister have in the last few years won two international championships with their Arabian horses.  They actually seem to be able to carry on conversations with them.  They have not only rescued abandoned Arabians, but also dogs and cats of all sizes, colors, and breeds.

Jesse Schaa

Tucson, AZ

      Jesse Schaa is attending the University of Arizona studying computer Science.  Jesse is a natural when it comes to programming and building computers.  He shines as a teacher and has a heart to help. Jesse used the Expressways systems and is a believer in them.  Jesse has been behind the scenes working with Expressways since he was in 7th grade. He started off cleaning the office and maintaining the grounds and progressed to building the current website, putting together a multi-media instructional for teachers using Expressways To Reading®, working on and putting together spreadsheets, designing the Facebook page, researching some marketing, and many other projects.

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