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Expressways To Learning® Team
Behind the Scenes

Lorinda Halla Hoes


Lorinda Halla Hoes left us to join her Lord and Savior on April 22, 2016.  She lived a long and exciting life, but her strong and beautiful heart finally gave out.  Lorinda used to say she was so lucky to have had three wonderful husbands.  She and her second husband—Dr. Jack E. Hoes,  the developer and author of the Expressways To Learning® systems—worked together for 15 years in nine states perfecting the system and proving its genuine effectiveness for children and adults. They married in 1995.  


Lorinda developed teacher training for all Dr. Hoes' educational systems, taught many of the teachers, organized and implemented the business, and as technology advanced continued development of additions and improvements to the ETL systems. Many of those advances were envisioned by Dr. Hoes long before the technology was available. Lorinda received her BA from the University of South Dakota, graduating Magna Cum Laude, elected to Phi Beta Kappa.



She attended the University of Chicago on a full scholarship in the school of Social Service Administration, earning 70 semester hours beyond the bachelor's degree. She held three Life Diplomas in California: General Elementary, Junior High School, and Pupil Personnel (a graduate credential authorizing performance and supervision in the fields of attendance, psychology, psychometry, and pupil counseling).


Lorinda taught all grade levels from second through twelfth, in public and private schools, including gifted and special education in five states, English and drama at the senior high level, math at the junior high level, and music. She directed two children's institutions for dependent and delinquent children, one in South Dakota, the other in West Virginia.


She was also a Family Counselor with the Family Service Agency of Topeka Kansas. Lorinda served as a District Counselor in San Diego City Schools for 20 years where she worked directly with students, teachers, principals, parents, and community agencies on behalf of students who showed academic, social, or emotional problems, which adversely affected their educational development. For approximately 30 years she also did nutritional counseling and muscle-response testing as an additional interest, demonstrating that physical, neurological, and emotional health are essential for optimal learning.


Music played an integral part in Lorinda's life. She started piano at age six. She also studied some pipe organ in college. She played for many churches, choirs, accompanied many vocalists, including Dr. Hoes singing his music while playing the organ. Lorinda found that accompanying Dr. Hoes on the piano while he sang and played the organ always inspirational.


Lorinda leaves in place a very capable and competent group. They are eager to carry on the ETL traditions and disciplines she developed in order to reach as many people as possible.

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