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Jose Renaido Lara, an 8th grader at Ramiro Middle School in Roma, Texas, an active participant of the ETR lab for 3 years.  Besides passing the Reading TAKS, Lara showed tremendous gains in fluency and comprehension.  His positive attitude and willingness to learn truly set him apart from others. He never settled for less than his absolute best. He was a definite role-model to all students and proof that hard work does pay off.

Jose, in Texas,  a first grader who was struggling in reading and writing was referred to an Expressways To Reading® lab at the beginning of the school year. By March he had become one of the top readers in the lab, having improved in fluency, comprehension and writing.  He was always eager to learn, coming in with a big smile each day, ready to tackle the work.  His teacher noted great improvement in all his subjects and  recommended he be tested for Gifted and Talented.

Success Report:  A parent at a garage sale shared with Chuck Stilwell that her son, who had been to his center about 25 years ago, tells her often that the training he received there changed his life and now he has a wonderful family and a great career.

A parent in AZ reported, "John is just flying! Progress reports come out this Friday and he will be getting a progress report for the very first time without any D's or F's.  He made two B's and 3 C's...without a tutor and no help from my husband or me.  He has been so studious and it's only been three months since he began Expressways To Reading®."

 A 53-year-old in Tennessee could not read a single word before beginning in Expressways To Reading®. He was soon able to read entire sentences.

In Tennessee Lauren’s Mother reported her daughter was still struggling at the beginning of second grade even though they had a tutor for her the last part of first grade.  Her teacher had doubts about her being able to go on to third grade.  She couldn’t sit still for her mother to help her with homework and would cry almost every afternoon.  She was chosen to pilot the Expressways To Learning® program after school.  “At first she hated the fact that she had to spend an extra hour after school taking ‘a computer class’ but each week it became easier; each week she grew more confident.  She became a totally different child.  She asked to read, began doing extremely well in her class work, and gained so much more confidence.  All of her teachers mentioned the change in her.  She too noticed a change.  We were so thrilled that she did so well. "

The mother of 6-year-old Tom, brought him to an ETL center in AL, convinced he would have to repeat first grade as he was so far behind his classmates.  In less than 4 weeks in Expressways To Reading® he began to read and went to the top of his class.  His teacher wrote, "Tom has made wonderful progress since going to the Expressways To Learning® center."  Repeat first grade?  No way!



Bryan came to an Expressways To Learning® lab in a private school in CA. as a third grader.  At that time he was unable to correctly distinguish one consonant from another.  Within three months he was spelling three-letter words accurately and consistently as well as reading short paragraphs.

In Arizona a 9th grader reading below 4th grade level would become so frustrated he would hit himself in the head.  Within about 4 weeks, doing 2-3 lessons a day in Expressways To Reading®  with much emphasis on handwriting, he stopped hitting himself and begun doing the lessons at high speeds with good accuracy.

Teachers from a public school in south Texas  shared encouraging accounts about their students in their Expressways To Reading® labs, almost 100% of whom have English as their second language. They reported increased attendance and confidence, improved pronunciation of words, participation in class, increased attention span, and decreased disruptive behavior along with increase in reading skill and comprehension.

A teacher’s aide in an AZ. center
explained, “Parents have commented how their
children can now follow 3-4 instructions without
having to repeat over and over. I'm just ecstatic
over the program."

An ETL lab teacher in a private Florida school wrote that classroom teachers there frequently reported their observations to her that many children who were enrolled in Expressways To Reading® became calmer in the classrooms and showed positive personality changes.

From a principal in a public school in Texas:
"I have observed that the students are already reading. These students cannot follow the timelines as we have them because they are beyond that...Wow!! What an accomplishment!! Parents have noticed and are very proud of our program."

Fourth-grader Zach, a new student in a FL Expressways To Learning® lab when asked how he felt about Expressways To Reading® exclaimed, "It is a Learning Paradise!"

The principal of one Texas public school
reported they had implemented a program
whereby all the first through fourth grade
students were receiving 45 minutes daily in
the Expressways To Reading® lab. “This
is a wonderful opportunity for all students,
including acceleration for those without learning difficulties.”



Les M. Gordon, M.A.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Several years ago I received a request from a mother of one of my students to meet with a saleswoman representing a reading program that she thought could be of some value to the students in my school. After putting the parent off for as long as I could I relented and made an appointment. I’m not generally pessimistic but after 20 years in the field of education I had reviewed many such “miracle programs”. The problem was that there are scores of different reading skills and they can be weak in a myriad of combinations, for almost as many reasons. Therefore, the programs I had reviewed were insufficient to comprehensively reform poor readers.


I allotted 30 minutes max for meeting with the sales representative and hoped time wouldn’t drag and that I could let her down easily. However, there was hope that perhaps in some way this program might be useful. I was administering a private school program for reading disordered students, actually the largest one in the state with over 300 students. I had a big problem: how could I deliver individualized reading instruction to that many students that would adapt to their individual needs without hiring 300 teachers?  Well, two and one-half hours later the sales representative had to leave me! I had a complete demonstration of Expressways To Learning®. I couldn’t stop asking questions and watching the way this system worked. My mind was buzzing with the possibilities. This program could be delivered to 6 students at once, completely individualized and was

highly interactive with a teacher.

My background is in learning disabilities, special education, speech and hearing sciences and psychology. I had taught reading for years and worked with the best reading teachers. Never before had I seen such a comprehensive, well-balanced, integrated reading program that employed the sciences of reading, developmental language acquisition and learning theory. The program was clearly designed by someone who knew reading research backwards and forwards and who also was a brilliant computer programmer. I was later to find out that the programs’ author had spent 30 years developing Expressways. Unbelievably, the program is simple, student friendly and utilizes all of the senses.  Not fully trusting myself, I sent the program over to two of my colleagues. One was a college professor in special education and the other a college reading instructor with a master’s in Reading. The two women have always been able to constructively criticize anything in the field of education by pointing out latent deficiencies that I might have missed. To my surprise Expressways passed their scrutiny in the same way that it had passed mine. They both endorsed the program, without so much as a caution saying they had never seen a reading program so comprehensive and ingenious.


Working hand in hand with the Expressways technicians and teachers we dedicated ourselves to applying the program to over 300 students grades 1 – 12. I am pleased to say that now, after 8 years; we have seen the type of success that I once only dreamed about. The average gain in reading for students with reading disorders was 2 years for every year they were in school, with many students gaining as many as 4 years in one year. We also offered the program and some of its derivatives to regular education students who wanted to improve their reading speed and comprehension. These students improved at even a more rapid level.

I had the exceptional opportunity to work with Expressways originator Dr. Jack Hoes for several years before he passed away. He was the only “true genius” I have ever met. His enthusiasm, scientific curiosity and dedication were the keys in making this learning system what it is today. I can still hear his voice in the program and am constantly reminded of the man who through his inspiration, brilliance and endurance left us this gift.


President, Education Solutions, P. A.


To Whom It May Concern:
I have the distinct honor and great privilege of recommending to you one of the finest educators that I have ever met. Dr. Jack Hoes is truly a Renaissance man – an accomplished composer, published educational researcher, and tireless missionary spreading the message of the Christian faith.


I have known Dr. Hoes throughout the past school year. I am the president and owner of a private school in South Florida with an enrollment of over 1,200 students. As educators we share a common goal: We wish to completely eliminate reading disorders during our lifetime. One-fourth of our students are identified as having specific learning disabilities that require special education. These are children that despite having good intellect have a specific neurological impairment which prevents them working up to their potential in academics. As a result, these children suffer from low self-esteem and many might not become successful contributors to society. What a tragedy!

In our search for educational excellence, we examined Dr. Hoes Expressway to Reading® program. This program is an inspired and comprehensive remedial program that Dr. Hoes has worked on for nearly 30 years. The program utilizes documented neurological principals to bypass learning disabilities and dramatically improve the student’s reading skills.

We are proud to be the first private school for children with these difficulties in the United States to feature Dr. Hoes program as our primary curriculum in reading. Our heartfelt belief is that we could probably reduce reading disabilities to extinction if all schools utilized this program in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. This upcoming year we will introduce his reading comprehension program to our higher level readers.

Due to Dr. Hoes’ extraordinary reading program, our students have improved almost two full grade levels in just one year! I know that he can be of great assistance in your school district. Good luck and God bless you.


Philip E. Morgaman

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