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ETL Speed-Spell™

A Teacher Says...

I am a public school teacher in a lab which implements a number of ETL educational programs.  Two little boys, who were failing in spelling until they started using the ETL Speed-Spell™, brought their classroom teacher to me one day to prove to her that they were not cheating when they were suddenly getting A’s on their weekly spelling lists.

A Representative Says...

I have had a learning center for nearly 30 years. After seeing such quick and remarkable gains with many students, ETL Speed-Spell is one tool I would not want to lose.


Chuck Stilwell

A Mother Says...

My children have all improved so much in spelling and math facts since getting ETL Speed-Spell.  It’s a great program—I wouldn’t want to be without it.

A Student Says...

By using the Memory Trainer in ETL for only a short time, my English vocabulary is increasing using programmable definitions and my Spanish vocabulary is improving quickly.  It has many applications. Good directions!

A Mother Says...

Although I am a teacher, my son was getting D’s and F’s in spelling.  Within a few weeks of using ETL Speed-Spell his grades went to A’s and B’s. Easy to use.


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