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Expressways To Learning® Team

Behind the Scenes

Brenda Isaac
Sierra Vista, AZ


We are delighted to have Brenda Isaak back as our ETL bookkeeper after losing Jackie who was such an asset for many dedicated years.  Brenda was the bookkeeper for ETL from 2004 through 2007 when she and her family relocated to Sierra Vista in Arizona. She was the office manager for Stilwell’s Learning Center through 2010. Married for 35 years, both she and her husband, David, are from Canada. David works for a contractor on Ft. Huachuca teaching the flight school section of the UAV program. In addition he builds computers for Southwest AeroTech, a company that builds embedded computers for a Canadian company which distributes large industrial imaging systems.


Brenda is also the treasurer/bookkeeper for Light in Action, a 501-C-3 corporation in which their son and family are involved, chiefly in Brazil. She also does the bookkeeping, quoting and shipping for Southwest AeroTech. Their 4 grown children have blessed them with 11 grandchildren.  David and Brenda’s “fun” times are spent with their kids and grandkids and on their off-road bike exploring of the back country of Arizona.

Victoria Shepherd
Pearce, AZ


Born and raised in a newspaper family in Beckley, West Virginia, Vicki was blessed to have loving parents who read to her from the time she was born.  The result is she was an avid reader before she started first grade.   By the age of 12 she had a part-time summer job as a proofreader for the newspaper.


Her parents met as students at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.  Their family started and enjoyed community theater with the Beckley Curtain Callers.    Vicki joined Theatre West Virginia and worked professionally for four seasons at the outdoor amphitheater located in Grandview State Park.  At West Virginia University in Morgantown she majored in theater with a minor in creative writing.  Vicki has two daughters who have blessed her with four grandchildren.


 In 1995 she moved to Pearce, AZ.  In 2003 she was hired by Lorinda to handle proofreading, editing and correcting ETL programs and shipping inventory.    In mid- 2005 she left to grab an opportunity in Real Estate, got her license and still works primarily with Buyers who are ready to move to Cochise County.


Vicki feels honored to have been asked to return part time after Lorinda passed away.  She enjoys putting the newsletters together and has just completed the proofing of the ETL website.

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